Full Stack Developer

Andre Iskandar

Full-stack Web Developer with a passion for problem-solving and designing software with efficient and scalable solutions. Skilled in all aspects of programming, from front-end with React and HTML/CSS to back-end with NodeJS, Express or Ruby on Rails using test-driven development approach. Proficient in configuring microservices architecture and developing web applications. Eager to learn and work with new technologies and frameworks.

What I Do
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Full-Stack Developer

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Front-End Developer

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Back-End Developer

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Software Developer

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ADTime Scheduling
A Full-stack Scheduler SPA with Slackbot and Twillio integration allowing users to assign weekly shifts to employees, get reminders of upcoming events, request shift transfers, copy schedule to following weeks, and change availability. The app is built using React, Express, Material UI, PostgreSQL, and deployed using Heroku. Mobile version will be coming out soon.

Sample Login information: test@email.com / testpassword

Ruby on Rails
A Full-stack E-Commerce Web App that is built using MVC architecture design. It allows users to add new category and products, add items to cart, purchase items, and make a payment using Stripe API. The app is built using React, Ruby on Rails, ActiveRecord, PostgreSQL, deployed using Heroku, and tested using Capybara, Poltergeist, and Rspec. Mobile version will be coming out soon.
Interview Scheduler
A Full-stack scheduler SPA allowing users to book, edit, cancel the interview and monitor the daily appointment availability. The app is built using React, Express, Node, WebSocket, tested using Jest, Storybook, Cypress, and deployed using CircleCI, Heroku and Netlify. Mobile version will be coming out soon.
Quiz App
A simplified Quiz SPA allowing users to create, take, share quizzes and share the results. The app is built using jQuery, EJS, Express, ElephantSQL and tested using Mocha and Chai. Mobile version will be coming out soon.
2020 Lighthouse Labs

Diploma in Web Development

Software Development, Databases & Data Modeling, Software Architecture, Test-Driven Development, React, Express, Node, JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3, Ruby on Rails, and 12-week Coding Bootcamp

2013 University of British Columbia

B.Sc. Wood Products Processing

With Minor In Commerce

Understanding the merits of sustainable wood product for the use in building, manufacturing, and engineering while exploring innovative product potentials

2018 - 2020 CIPA Lumber

Production Supervisor

  • Provided effective leadership to unionized workforce to ensure compliance with standard operating procedure
  • Identified potential safety hazards and took appropriate actions to control and/or eliminate hazards
  • Demonstrated continuous improvement by applying Lean Six Sigma principles to maximize uptime and reduce waste
2014 - 2018 West Fraser Timber

Planer & Sawmill Quality Control Analyst

  • Performed quality assurance functionality pertaining to lumber grading standards
  • Managed quality control objectives and priorities with management in analyzing opportunities to develop and implement an effective quality control program
six sigma logo

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate

Credential ID: Z1vCYhKEEE1

April 2020
Technical Skills

Languages: HTML, JavaScript ES6, Ruby on Rails

Frameworks: React js, Node js, JQuery, AWS Amplify, Express, EJS

Styling: CSS, SCSS, Modern UI, Semantic UI, Bootstrap

Database: PostgreSQL, ElephantSQL, GraphQL, DynamoDB

Developer Tools: Chrome DevTools, Github, Heroku, Circle CI

Testing Frameworks

Unit Testing: Mocha, Chai, Storybook

Integration Testing: Jest, Poltergeist

Feature Testing: RSpec

End To End Testing: Cypress